light translucent concrete

Nothing is like before – with Luccon, architects, designers and artists experience a completely new world of creativity.

Soft light makes its way through solid concrete, creating never seen before effects in rooms, public spaces and objects. In every form, in every size. Speaking for itself, impressive, attention-creating and always focussing on the source of all life: LIGHT.

The merging of cold, hard material and subtle lighting effects becomes the latest inspiring challenge for creative minds.




design options

Optical fibres incorporated into concrete let the stone appear massive and transparent equally, making light, shadows and colors visible.

and unique

In the manufacturing process, transparency and position of the optical fibres can be defined exactly. This allows to produce slabs with individual customer designs and structures.


Due to the relatively small amount of fibres, strength and durability of LUCCONdesign is equal to ordinary concrete slabs.

water proof

Thanks to the use of waterproof material with low crack width, LUCCONdesign can be installed in both outdoor and in damp indoor environments.

frost resistant

Air pores are formed in the production of Luccon Design, making an escape space for freezing water, ensuring a high frost resistance.

award winning

Österreichischer Staatspreis
Innovationspreis Vorarlberg
reddot design award winner 2010

The creation

LUCCON is a precast concrete product. In a special process fiber optic cables are inserted in a fine-grain concrete. Due to the relatively low portion of fabric, the solidity and consistency of translucent concrete is equivalent to high-strength concretes.

Optical fibres

High density concrete

  • various carolithes
  • Quartz sand
  • Cement
  • Water
  • Additives

The facts

Available size
1.200 x 600 mm
30 mm
white, anthracite and grey
grinded, brushed, satined, factory-impregnated
Concrete type
high performance concrete
300.000 fibers/m²
Ø 0,4 mm
Compressive strength
> 100 N/mm²
Bending tensile strength
> 10 N/mm²
Apparent density
2.400 kg/m³
water proof (class XC4)
high freeze-thaw resistance (class XF4)
DIN EN 1341